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  • Do not wear a small white shoes, and sandals is the protagonist of this summer

    The weather gradually began to dry up, the hot summer is coming, because the weather is hot Many sister paper do not like too much dress up their own, especially in the election sandals on this matter, Xiaobian told the summer street is the most stress is comfortable and Practical, even simple sandals can wear clothing fashion sense, whether it is flat, high heel or other. Choose a pair of their own is the best, and Xiaobian together look at it! Rough heels we all know more than thin shoes and more comfortable and comfortable, this season is the most popular with the rough with sandals, by the cool sister of your favorite, you can use short and pith to describe its light. A variety of fashionable models you choose. Slope heels has always been set thousands of pet in a piece of shoes, wedge sandals have become women in the summer of the necessary shoes, coupled with comfortable thick design, but also increased, elongated leg ratio.

    There is no more comfortable shoes than the flat shoes, not to mention there are thick bottom design, comparable to sports shoes rubber soles is now the most popular style, summer out of concave shape to rely on it. Simple ordinary flat sandals, is the summer essential fashion single product, coupled with the ring ankle lace or parallel bandage design, geometric sense is very fashionable, you can also choose a metal accessories embellishment, are very beautiful eyes The Hit the rivet sandals. Fashion personality hit color rivets sandals look at the trend of charm, to help the surface with the first layer of cowhide fabric texture super wear is also super comfortable, soles are selected high-quality rubber material non-slip more wear-resistant, fashion personality temperament sandals suitable for daily travel The

    Original sanding with sandals. By the well-known designers made by the heart, inherited the Italian shoe-making craftsmen on the lines of beauty, full of aristocratic temperament, custom color to create your own exclusive fashion, the trend of wild models, free to choose the color you want. Slope with hollow sandals. Cool fashion design style, crystal color is very beautiful Oh! The upper is used in the first layer of leather to give you a comfortable wearing experience, fashionable hollow sandals style, whether with pants or short skirts can create a different style. Nude color sexy under armour shoes toe sandals. Sexy style of the word with sandals, elegant and sexy for your exclusive build, thin high-heeled style with a more mysterious high cold wind, multi-color sandals style is to create an eternal classic, the appropriate high-heeled design walking Not tired

    2017-05-11 11:12:02
  • The same canvas shoes, how can you wear the goddess Fan children?

    The under armour sale same are wearing canvas shoes to take the campus wind, why can the next class canvas shoes to wear the shine, and you do not work? In fact, canvas shoes in the knowledge can be big, classic style, has been imitated but never been over. Canvas shoes, although a simple style shoes, but still very particular about the shoe type, a good profile of the shoe type, better than the soft collapse of the shoes plus points. Super good to wear a shoe, soft and soft shoes super soft said, put on the feet really comfortable and comfortable to wear a day walk down the road is not easy under armour outlet to tired feet, the material is relatively soft denim material, twill texture, very characteristic , Small retro feeling, inside and the upper is hit color design, very nice yo. Not only follow the comfort of canvas shoes, this pedal in addition to wear convenient, straw soles is also a big element, fisherman's shoes shape, are full of rich small fresh pastoral style. Still very fashionable. People as the past under armour shoes two years to the front of the canvas shoes brand, not only excellent quality, in the design also began to tricks, and fight color design, people shines, if the tide, you can try. Canvas shoes as the footsteps of the same classic, naturally not escape the rivers and lakes, but how to wear fashion, and really closely related with a pair of chic socks, or an outline of the ankle pants, are add points.

    High to help canvas shoes style is more classic, but Xiaobian to remind you, must be more slender Achilles sister is suitable for the Austrian, otherwise, really will appear your legs thick and short. How many classic shoes do not need Xiaobian said it, skateboard shoes style, with leggings jeans, and even white linen dress will be very chic, really is worth a start. Have to say, canvas and cowboy is a reason to do the old series of feeling is always more intense, of course, can not wear the old canvas shoes is that you engage it with black and dirty not wash, slightly yellowing nostalgia, Is the canvas shoes Wang Daoao. Canvas fabric comfortable and comfortable, hand-sewn simple and generous, simple and convenient elastic belt, leather insoles inhibit the bacteria, rubber outsole, extremely soft. Summer travel, walking time this shoe is a good choice.

    2017-05-10 11:32:05
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