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  • Spring and summer cat heels Raiders, do soft Meng beauty girl!

    Cat heels, refers to the under armour shoes height of the heel in the 3.5CM to 4.75CM between the pointed thin shoes. Small and exquisite heel is like a kitten tiptoe look, so only the cat with this unique and lovely name. Cat heel is said to be the most ergonomic high heels, retro style, more than the days of high days to be comfortable too much, but also to bring a woman an elegant and delicate feeling at the same time, there are girls soft Meng Oh The Ankle at the pearl accessories, and the other pair of shoes, the overall shape of a lot of fine moments, exudes a gentle, elegant soft temperament. Imported electroplating hardware, do not worry about the embarrassment of the paint will appear. Small and exquisite heel, with the pointed with, bring their own gas field, very tired of a pair of shoes. Shoes made of high-quality under armour outlet first layer of cowhide made of the upper irregular treatment, so that these shoes are very design sense, super fiber inside the foot more comfortable, delicate 4cm fine with, exudes a thick woman taste.

    The cat is made of breathable soft leather fabric, elegant white is the under armour womens shoes color of the wild, with a brown leather belt for the decoration, the addition of a bit more playful and lively feeling. Comfortable pig skin inside, comfortable feet. : There are a lot of girls have bow feelings, see the bow is not open eyes. This pair of shoes, made of high quality mesh fabric made of bowknot to do the decoration, delicate and lovely little little woman's sense of playful, delicate heel looks beautiful, comfortable feet, shopping is not tired feet!

    2017-04-27 11:09:20
  • And then mediocre woman, put on high heels, will sway

    Say good shoes will take you better way, but I think some exaggeration, it is only at the fork in the road to give you confidence and courage to choose better, no matter how mediocre woman, wear high heels, will sway under armour shoes Gestures, women can not resist the beauty of high heels, high heels of the United States, is so inadvertently to seize your heart, and then let you can not let go. So, even if looking full of shoe, I have been looking for a pair of more beautiful and more comfortable high heels. According to ergonomic design to create, delicate touch so that no matter how long you go, it will not feel tired feet, high-quality fine workmanship, make you more sexy, more charming, higher, more stylish, more natural, really reflect a good The shoes can let you show your beauty. One cross crocodile with matte matte finish, retro and elegant, fresh and beautiful trace of a trace of silk delicate feminine, simple design, fresh and refined, bring out the sweet and elegant temperament Fan children, coupled with comfortable rough with cheap under armour So that you can enjoy every step.

    Seemingly simple pair of shoes, behind the hidden number of thoughts, starting from the design, repeated scrutiny, from a scientific point of view, and strive to foot effect and walking comfort. Material selection We choose good quality, adhere to the good craft, only for the dedication of a pair of beautiful, comfortable good shoes. In the simple OL wind can always explore the surprise, the ultimate and gorgeous details, is to attract the focus of the eye, under armour womens shoes domineering Europe and the United States model, with very capable lines, noble posture, immediately presented. This pair of shoes has done the highest cost and comfort, soft, durable, comfortable, very wild a shoe, suitable for thin feet to wear! Retro charm, strong struck, stylish charm can not stop, choose light of the suede material, as the main, delicate texture, between the foot of the hair, accompanied by simple rough with the design, elegant and comfortable, with its simple, Shape your Variety shape. We are too high-heeled shoes arc, but not necessarily have to be amazing height, it was said that women often wear high heels, not only a hard heart, but also have a pair of scarred feet, so now More and more attention to beauty and comfort co-exist imitation bird nest design pattern high-level PU fabric, high-end atmosphere on the grade, put on this high heels, the trend at your feet. Pro-day with the day, banquet occasions eye-catching essential Oh ~!

    2017-04-26 11:12:34
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