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August is nearing the end, September is coming, this hot and intolerable

Single shoes for the king of summer and autumn of the perfect transition products


August is nearing the end, September is coming, this hot and intolerable days will be gone, the autumn is coming. Season is the most difficult to buy the clothes and shoes, especially shoes, buy sandals seem to wear long, and autumn and winter models of shoes and too early, how do? Do not be afraid, there are shoes, summer and autumn, single shoes for the king, the season transition it is the best. I do not know when to start, small white shoes quietly rising, who do not want a pair of handsome little white shoes? Leather material, breathable sweat, not smelly feet, small flat comfortable, want to go away, would like to jump on the jump, not the slightest constraint, easy leisure temperament, is to be so comfortable. Like to wear high heels sister paper, you can also start high-heeled shoes. The first layer of leather may not be so easy to distinguish, but the visual effect is really high, patent leather with nude color enough eye-catching but not too fancy, very elegant and calm feeling, are low-key connotation of you.


Peas shoes are extremely soft, you can roll it into a ball, so also called egg shoes. This shoe is very light, wear on the feet can be comfortable, and the material is fresh and transparent pig skin, suitable for summer and autumn weather. Style is not so cheap under armour complicated, a small round with a bow tie, classic look sensitive.

?The same is a small white shoes, lace from the round into a flat, then a little less delicate, more sort of casual atmosphere. This type of shoes itself is the main comfort card, whether at home, or shopping dating, or travel, wearing it is a good choice. Single shoes generally gives the feeling is simple to wear, the main comfortable, simple design style, not too gorgeous, but occasionally you need a color when it can give you a surprise. With a beautiful patent leather to create a single shoe, uppers like a mirror generally shine with a touching color, give you not the same luxury to enjoy, elegant carry on the line


Single shoes are four seasons can wear the type of shallow mouth design shoes, summer wear is not very hot, cool autumn weather is suitable. Small rough with the design easy to drive comfortable and stylish, as well as rivets like a small monster to increase the fun, really is a very beautiful one. There are more amazing with the natural, but the daily life of the shoes to comfort-based, so small rough and then fit, to meet the higher requirements, more fashionable, but also no difficulty in driving, more comfortable, sharp head, wild Section, summer and autumn are not suitable to wear.