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Charm high heels, to create your exclusive elegance

High heels is to make every woman change the United States, "Cinderella glass shoes", it was said that every woman should have a pair of their own high heels, and then wear it all over the world. High heels of Italian is STILETTO, that is, a very narrow blade dagger. For women, high heels is like a sharp, sexy, deadly dagger, the man has a fatal temptation. High heels can increase the height, you can increase the beauty of slender body. Generally speaking, the general height of women is lower than the general height of men, high heels can be effective from the perception of lengthening the beauty of the body, frivolous body makes women more rich charm Oh.

Every adult woman should have a pair of their own white round high heels. Style is very eye-catching, can give people a bright feeling, fluttering under armour discount almost, for cents, very obvious temperament. Very fashionable Fan a high heels, was thin fashion design, upper body after the ultra-wild, with small arrow design, matched with fine high-heeled, called perfect, refined sense! Recommended reason: very delicate one High heels, elegant leisure design, beautiful and stylish, with the Korean version of the tip of the mix, so that shoes wear more dazzling, more eye-catching design exudes a full feminine, slim high-heeled tall body proportion , Walking very charming. Unique fight color looks very fashionable, can be used with different clothes, how to wear are very sexy T-strap design to make shoes more rich shape, but also to make the feet look more slender. Pointed fine with a street Fan children, with jeans or skirts and even dress can be managed. Matte suede full of texture, interpretation of low-key luxury.

Sharp pointed with color and blue flowers after the embellishment, the wear is very comfortable will not have the feeling of ge feet. Wherever they can capture all the amazing eyes, cost-effective a single shoes. High heels is the kind of people who look good mood high heels, excellent foot feeling, stylish atmosphere, simple but not simple. Walking is also very stable, with the ability to count the number of daily! Fashion spell with thin high-heeled design, beautiful shoes curve simple and not simple, will not give foot pressure, and this kind of shoes is wild, the middle also with a trace of playful sexy.