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Fine with high heels is a must for each woman to see it

High heels bring not only tall slender body, but also to give people a strong gas field and a steady stream of vitality. Comfortable material tough tough car line, custom hardware excellent cloth, easy to shape the bow style decoration, light and lively to the simple shoes of the finishing touch of high quality silk satin, elegant appearance, sharp shape without losing the sexy woman Playful, but also a woman's style of taste, graceful rhinestone heel, to create a perfect queen to create leather delicate and comfortable, with high and uncomfortable atmosphere, with a gentle and elegant, set off a woman's intellectual elegance, interpretation of the charm of the workplace Trend selection of high-quality under armour shoes fabrics lose comfortable breathable, grainy and delicate glossy soft natural, light and soft and flexible, to bring you both inside and outside the comfortable enjoyment

Personality fish scales highlight the elegant and elegant style, inside the pad with a glue layer walking comfortable, smooth lines with fine lines, the force of uniform walking smooth overall material and Geli Te main, clear texture, full of dazzling luster, pointed Of the style that dignified yet elegant charm of soft fabric tough nylon car line, the use of high-quality PI upper, breathable and boring, non-slip rubber outsole, safe walking is not tired feet