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Half slippers and ordinary slippers really have that little different

Half slippers is what a ghost, the semi-slippers and ordinary slippers really have that little different, ordinary slippers are not followed, but the front is empty, and half of the slippers in front of the empty tan men are breathable shoes. Linen fabric, light and comfortable, suitable for summer wear. Black, white, gray hit color design, low-key revealed an elegant, even slippers can wear clothing do not have some taste. And shoes wild, style calm, with your clothing complement each other.

Genuine Baotou Couple Cork Slippers. Stop, put on comfortable and breathable shoes, and then forward. Cork material, so that you wear in the shoes of the second, you can feel the cool feet of the plantar. But also with their favorite people to wear couples slippers are also good, more accompanied by the meaning of life. Summer leisure Peas men's shoes. Black mature and stable, and the upper of the metal color embroidery, even more cheap under armour domineering, the combination of the two revealed a king temperament, extraordinary extraordinary. Classic round toe, to bring you comfort at the same time, but also to avoid your feet hurt. No breathable British lazy shoes. Every comfort holiday has its companionship. Exquisite materials with sweat and moisture. Let your feet keep dry and breathable at all times, let you bid farewell to hot, cool summer! Exquisite artificial suture, can adjust the elastic, more able to consolidate the shoe body.

Fashion no back with half drag lazy shoes. No hollow, not fashionable. This hollow lazy shoes have not let you at first sight it? Simple design, the relentless pursuit of the details are only easy to wear experience, so that life is more simple, to show the best British casual style. Hollow casual lazy shoes. Began in the yuppie, only to the gentleman. Bullock carved hollow, can not cover up the artistic atmosphere. Vamps 360 degrees all-round breathable, the introduction of fresh air circulation, so that the feet bathed in the breeze, always fresh, natural and comfortable. Casual Baotou canvas lazy shoes. Uppers with high-quality fabrics, appearance, feel, breathability and comfort and other indicators are not inferior to other inferior brands. Skull pattern, eye-catching dazzling, breaking the boring, to the daily boring urban life add bright colors.

Summer linen with no slippers. Red and black intertwined, such as the night of the youth of the fire, strong and warm, representing a distinctive young doctrine. Shoes fine neat suture, showing ingenuity quality. Leisure the overall style, driving the whole heart are light up. Casual Baotou half slippers. Texture metal buckle with tassels tassel, people shines, highlight the fashion personality, casual style. Free half-drag with the production, wear off the convenience, so you go out a second. Breathable comfortable inside, hot weather is not terrible, effective anti-odor feet.

White casual lazy shoes. White low-key but show taste, highlight the gentleman style. Metal decoration can also seize the eyes of people at once, both sides of the symmetrical color stripes, it is indispensable embellishment, so that shoes look pale but more vitality.