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How to clean the ankle inside the hair how to fold how to do

How to clean the boots inside:

Surface dust rough treatment, with a very soft brush or clean soft cloth, the rough around the boots clean up again.

If it is leather boots, with a clean soft cloth stained with detergent, the surface carefully clean it again.

Such as clean and dry, you can spray waterproof spray, waterproof spray can effectively prevent some stains sprayed on the boots, even if sprayed, it is easy to clean up,

Boots hit the oil, evenly marked, and then use some newspapers like paper into a group, into the boots, under armour womens shoes hold up the upper, into the desiccant, you can save it. Suede boots how to clean:

First with a sponge and toothpaste cleaning, the toothpaste squeezed in the boots surface, and then gently scrub with a sponge, toothpaste is best to use the kind of white, so that the colored ingredients inside the shoes to stain the surface. When cleaning the inside of the hair, just pour the laundry liquid into the water inside, and then the dirty fluff to the water to clean, gently rubbed by hand, and then gently unscrew the water. Finally, dry the hair with a hair dryer. And then use a special brush to restore the hair.

How to clean the ankle inside the hair how to fold how to do

Boots ankle at the fold of the solution:

(1) inside the boots to wear socks, the socks to the ankle position to fold down a little, can fold up the folds.

Wear a pair of slightly longer winter socks while wearing a pants, then pile down at the ankle and then wear boots. Wear a few days just fine, when the boots in the ankle will be drums out, and will not be stacked together, there will be no folds.

Inconvenient, you can also add a wrist at the ankle,

(2) at the ankle at the pad or lining, the folds up.

Can be considered in the ankle at the pad, in short, is to adjust the calf and ankle uncoordinated, plus pad after the boots will be with the foot some, not easy to be ankle to suppress, it will not form a v-fold. The general place to repair shoes can have a zipper boots can open the pad, no zipper can also be used to glue.

On the way to clean up the boots to introduce here, and this shoe if there is a relatively tight situation can be resolved, then do not have to worry about, grinding feet.