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In the history of the most straw shoes to buy a guide to buy which heart spectrum

Clothing with skill articles: from the beginning to see the straw shoes, in fact, recommended heart is refused, it looks so poor and no gold content of the shoes, looks even a bit shabby. But the small recommended to it is also the beginning of this year, and found that this single product really wear, especially in summer, both breathable and light. As for the beauty, just look at its appearance, but with the clothes are quite different, this year has been the fire to the extreme, sports shoes casual shoes wear tired for the double-woven shoes feel the world instantly refreshing. There is also a professional name of the straw shoes, called the English, espadrilles, from the fourteenth century France, Spain at the junction of the Basque region, is made of a rope toe soles, made of canvas shoes The first time in the 1960s, when the most famous Paris designer Yves Saint Laurent at this time ordered a number of belt with the straw shoes, causing a sensation, and later through Improved, it is comfortable and nice and durable, and full of holiday atmosphere, in recent years become fashionable fashion slippers.

Straw shoes classification: from the style can be divided into flat, gap, lace three categories. From the material can be divided into canvas, leather two categories. And some soles are very thin and very thick, there is no breakdown of friends here. Straw shoes themselves with a strong leisure and leisure atmosphere, and the style is not a single, different materials and styles can take a different style, vacation, under armour shoes leisure, shopping and even work can be worn, comfortable and light. Straw shoes with casual shirt, compared to a little, for a variety of occasions, to participate in party, shopping and work are OK. With a suit is a new idea, cotton and linen suit suit more sexy, wearing a formal dress boys may wish to change the style.

To say why the straw shoes so popular, have to start from the show field, all the popular source if you are looking into the show to blame the disaster. From the 2016 spring and summer men's show field, this canvas of straw boots popular is not surprising.