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Is the snow boots waterproof

?Snow boots, looks relatively furry, a see is very warm, this is the winter shoes necessary to see the snow boots is waterproof? Snow boots is what skin to do: snow boots is waterproof you:

Not waterproof

Snow boots is a foreign brand UGG short, and snow boots this argument are in the country only. UGG a sales staff said, UGG never said that their products can walk through the snow, but did not say a waterproof function. UGG is the so-called fur one, in fact, there is no waterproof role. Because the shoes have a lot of hair inside, very warm to wear it is true. The appearance of the shoe has a layer of skin is thick, and it seems to feel like a layer of coating outside, so we will think it is waterproof. The road more water, it is recommended to choose to wear a higher, the appearance of the leather by the composition of the leather, snow boots recommended recently do under armour sale not wear.

Selection of leather + Australian imports of high-quality wool (Australian wool)

This material for the CGM excellent special, selected leather: cortical uniform thick, cold and breathable. In the use of Australian imports of A-class wool, we all know the Australian hair is the world's best hair, fat lucrative, soft and dry, and breathable smell, smell fruity wool fragrance, foot feel warm breathless no hot feeling, with high quality Pure wool has the advantages of permeability, warmth, hygroscopicity and health care. Leather face + blended wool

Blended wool mixed up to more than 70 percent of the chemical fiber, reducing the warmth and permeability. And some only the outer part of the boots for the wool, toe for the chemical fiber hair. (Black businessmen dedicated, do not understand the consumer) suede suede + artificial hair

The material is made of velvet plus a layer of chemical fiber hair, poor material, poor ventilation

Snow boots are a lot of fabric, most are not skin, this is not waterproof, that is, rainy days can not wear