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New shoes take the new road! Four spring and summer shoes style, a game to attract the eye!

Women's wardrobe is always a little clothes, relative to our shoe also exist in such a problem, always feel less a pair of shoes. In order to meet the arrival of the spring, it is time to put the boots away, ready to put on the exclusive spring and summer shoes, (ok, just to have an excuse to want some shopping only.) Season addition to buy clothes, we Girls, of course, there are shoes to buy it! Although the shoes are classified as a class of accessories, but it is essential accessories. How to say this year is also a retro years, from clothing to bags and then to the shoes, all in the retro road to go back! If you want to keep up with the trend of the new season, and want to buy comfortable wild shoes, Before you start, you must do your homework

Cat heels is now the first season of the first shoes. Cat heels, also known as Kitten heels, fine with the height of a strict height limit, 3.5-4.75 cm. As early as the 50's birth, specifically designed for girls, also known as "starting shoes." Very comfortable feet, walking light, unlike the traditional sense of the higher height of high heels so full of female temptation. In the past two seasons, short fine shoes, whether it is in the fashion week T stage or in the fashion week show field exposure are many, compared to walking on the road tortured dead high heels, the short heels is absolutely practical and fashionable Sex both have Fuxing.

Mules (Mules) from the ancient Roman shoes from the development of a "Mule" is a French vocabulary, that is, that kind cheap under armour of heel at the bare, front do not reveal the toes of the shoes. In the last year, Muller shoes success "host" for the fashion shenzhen one of the favorite shoes, has also derived a variety of styles. Muller shoes after the design of the heel so that it looks like a senior version of the slippers, wear off convenience, suitable for lazy, to give a sense of nature is not deliberately. If you think the rough with the toe models of Mueller shoes look cumbersome, not the average person can HOLD live, then you can choose a feminine fine section, looks like a small heel parcel design of ordinary high heels.

Eye-catching flat shoes

Suitable for lazy not only Mu Le shoes, season also popular from the eye-catching flat sandals. Can be plush design (although not appreciate). Can also be hit color design, to amphibole, pearl style for the decoration, or cross-strap design, in short, is enough to eye-catching, after the eyes of everyone must be inseparable from your feet.

Wrap high heels

2017 spring and summer high heels style is about to open the fairy atmosphere bursting trend, the most able to highlight the ankle slim winding high heels unstoppable! Walk in the trend of cutting-edge RIRI wearing Dior home big button winding shoes out of the street, cream white high heels with her personality Full of temperament ~ so that the whole body of the black wear also has a bright spot, so how can not love banding? You can also pick some special style or eye-catching color, even with the ordinary dress will make you Wear a bright spot to find!