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Shoes anti-slip coup more

Rainy shoes are easy to slip, especially on a smooth under armour discount floor. The other shoes through a period of time after the soles of the anti-skid is polished, wearing such shoes are also easy to slip, causing the risk of falling, there is no way to solve the problem of shoes slippery? The following Xiaobian for everyone toprovide a few anti-skid small coup. 1. wound paste anti-slip method:

Prepare two pieces of water-resistant wound posted on the front of the shoes of the place posted a "person" shape, heel part, according to the cheap under armour size of the size of the heel can cut out a piece of the size under armour womens shoes of the wound paste.

2. Work with velvet tape under armour outlet anti-slip method:

In the soles of the soles of the feet and heel place a few pieces of velvet under armour under armour shoes outlet tape, you can increase the friction between the soles and the ground, which play the role of anti-skid.

3. Potato anti-skid method:

First cut the potatoes, and then apply the potatoes in under armour sale the soles again, increasing the soles of the soles and the ground of the sticky, the same play a non-slip effect.