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Short high canvas shoes to wear skills

"Avoid weaknesses" is our usual dress important secret! People are not perfect, perhaps everyone is not satisfied with their own place, or the existence of the existence of this short, then we usually wear clothes, we can through our single product mix, so cheap under armour that weaknesses have become long! The most common problem is: more fat, or relatively short! This article, we mainly look at the short high canvas shoes wearing skills!

High canvas shoes is a large number of fashion influx of people will choose concave fashionable single product, with the movement of the wind became popular, canvas shoes is more concave type of artifacts will be built, short high canvas shoes, you can match :

Looks relatively short, in the choice of pants, you can lengthen our legs, in the visual feel the show show! Short high canvas shoes, such as the most classic black and white canvas shoes, can be with a thin black pencil pants feet, upper body with a short section of clothing and short jacket, one-time elongated legs and upper body ratio. Of course, with the accessories is also very critical, this time a different color of the hat, will make you a lot of high Oh!

When the body is relatively petite in the clothes, be sure to pass the proportion of their own elongated! So when you choose a single product, try to choose, high waist style, so you can make the legs look more slender, and the coat into the waist, make the ratio look better Oh!

Short high canvas shoes with, in fact, very beautiful and tired, of course, small series can not say that against the words, mainly rely on Yan Yan insisted! But then again, it is because the Yan is not very good, we need to wear in the effort, ah, no ugly woman, only lazy woman!