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Than the small white shoes also fire cat heels, interpretation of tired feet are not elegant

Fashion circles are not popular, when the people still have a street shooting a single product, it shows that it immediately to the fire, and now all the way fashionable fashionable coffee wear cat cat heels, became Spring and summer the most popular US shoes, nice not tired feet, pointed design, even more legs long, whether usually working or dating or even shopping can wear, and what a single product can take, with it every day to make you beautiful Not heavy like. Cat heels for many fashionable girls, must be very familiar with, is the heel in the 3-5 cm around the pointed thin high heels, the cat is what we said with the glass, thin small heel, Walking safe and elegant, so it is popular with stars and fashion people love.

Like this shallow cheap under armour mouth classic cat heels, is not easy to outdated models, you can in the shoe more than a few pairs of spring and summer can be worn three quarters, and with them effortlessly. Pointed shallow cat heels, hit color belt buckle decoration, more fashionable eyes, whether it is with pants or skirt are very elegant atmosphere. Three-dimensional flower decoration is not only more season and also very eye-catching, full of sweet girl atmosphere, fight color design is quite Western style, spring and summer wear just right.

Shallow mouth bow tip cats heels, full of elegant feminine, low with the design, so you walk is not tired feet, big bow knot play cheap under armour age, with jeans or dress are so beautiful you are amazing. For every day to work OL, a pair of wild and comfortable black shoes is not less, like this cat with the design of the work shoes, so that you are comfortable every day, how to take no sense of violation. Cat with heel plus a word buckle design, more feminine, whether it is shallow or hollow, it is suitable for spring, summer and autumn wear, walking is not tired feet will not fit, the following you have a few Is it? Horse hair cat with pointed shoes, side empty design is very fashionable sexy, ring ankle word buckle design, elegant atmosphere, the color is more, there must be a suitable for you

This year the new word buckle with cat shoes, a small heel, walking is not tired feet, hit the color belt buckle design, fashion and suction eyes, the goddess must single shoes. Pointed ring ankle word buckle with cat shoes, sexy fashion, can always be beautiful to the summer, hollow back with the style, very cool Oh. This year the Baotou style cat cat is the mainstream, generally with the letter cloth, even if the shoes are sandals, super wild practical. This year's popular models, letters cloth bow embellishment, sweet and eye-catching, pointed style, legs were long, with it is also more effortless, very practical, the goddess must Oh!