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The new big coffee, flat + pointed you wear it

Seeking a new map change is the central idea of ??fashion, of course, if not for the map new, it does not need to change, in addition to save money can also talk to masturbation to appease their own that this is called classic, and eggs, classic also always refurbished, Steady to stay in the supreme, as the fashion industry's big coffee, as if this season's main point is the tip + flat, you wear it? If you usually play with everyone to find recommended children, it is not difficult to find that last year's popular Lucky shoes and the new spring where the new is not the same, obviously the new flat bottom of the toe more streamlined sense, but it is this thin The small pointed children, instantly sublimation out of the gentle and elegant romantic feeling. Look tattoo tones change, not surprised by the fashionable girl always under armour shoes dream, you can be sweet, you can net Wan, of course, also stained with art and high-end side, all because of a small pointed a modest day Jiaohan, borrow rubbing to find a bit of ancient England romantic leisurely.

Not only eye-catching fashion, but also with a little like to meet the same with the youth of the unruly and insolent, which may be the patent leather popular favored by the key, obviously wide end long, no longer restrained favorite low-key security, like American Zhang Yang's retro reversal, self-confidence on the shiny bright. The hollow phase with the tip, and suddenly let people like a mess in the end is the literary and artistic lazy new ideas, or the American style of the western city of silhouette, it seems to do all kinds of possibilities may be interesting and uninhibited, both Read the meaning of leisure, but not casually reduced popularity.

?As if it is from the College of the wind but beyond the College of gentle and rough with the face, let the fashionable and straightforward, not so much it is the best endorsement of youth and intellectual, rather than pearl rough with patent leather tip is fashionable Intellectual infusion of youthful romance, reduced age is not high. Although the small tip is Qing Wan elegant favorite, but then the beauty of the streamline can not be neglected whether the high-end leather, high after the modern expansive meaning of the metal wire drawing texture, most of the big love, regardless of whether it was Quality exclusive, after all, with the rivet tip belong to the concept of fashion frontier articles. I do not know because the youth really invincible, a pair of sports shoes wild walk from the long skirt shorts until the wedding dress, or sports shoes itself is so fashionable with the words, utterly do nothing, such as hit the color thick, such as asymmetry Shallow mouth, the most critical there streamer pointed, you need it all can give you.

The new Bullock carved, no Matou cheap under armour demonstration, just to leave the suspense to match enough space to play, but Slim Cave Cowboy has it, wide leg pants have pants, and then there will always be ankle skirt , Despite the color, in fact, even if only OL nine small straight pants put out can also know the extraordinary charm of yo.