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Home / News > Wearing a single heel was worn? This under armour shoes trick is really simple!


Wearing a single heel was worn? This under armour shoes trick is really simple!

Whether you have had to wear a single heel was worn or other parts of the experience was worn. Xiao Bian before each time to wear new shoes feet will be worn very uncomfortable. Later in the process of grinding to learn the lessons, to find some small coup. Share it for everyone! You can use a piece of wet sponge will be grinding foot parts of the shoes moist, to be softened for an hour, and then wear it will not be so uncomfortable. But do not often wet the shoes, so that is not conducive to the protection of shoes. You can also apply the white wine in the shoe where the grinding feet, soak about 5 to 15 minutes, wait a little soft, and then wear on the walk, dry after not grinding the foot. Peas shoes are particularly cute and comfortable. The toe of the little hairy feeling of walking is very cute. Heel itself more acute physical design, walking to the special comfort, that do not have to worry about foot pain. Simple and simple shoes. High-quality PU wear feet in the feet of the special sense of comfort. Wear anti-skid soles wear on the feet do not have to worry about sliding to Oh. This small shoes feel that with a dress will look better Oh.

As a girl should have a temperament from the inside out. This shoe is simple, but very elegant. Shoes with breathable treatment, wearing comfortable and breathable feet. Massage the soles to walk very comfortable. Stylish round head design, highlighting a different kind of fashion sense. Full of British style, giving a noble and elegant feeling. This kind of shoes, whether with a skirt, pants are very temperament. You can also spray alcohol on the cloth until the wet so far, then the cloth stuffed in the shoes, the next day to wear. Hand gently kneading grinding foot parts, so that the shoes soft, but not too much force, so as not to wrinkle uppers. The pointed toe shows the retro style of Europe. The veneer of the veneer design is very personality there are wood, wearing such shoes to go out, keep the rate of super high it

Choose the upper Niubi, feet comfortable. Clear texture makes the texture of the shoes look very perfect. This shoe is a lace design, wearing a tide on the feet. And the material is very breathable Oh Oh. Many people began to wear a single shoe heel are very easy to be worn, it is because a lot of shoes followed by the hard reason, there is a run-in period. This shoe is soft suede, so do not worry about the heel cheap under armour is worn Oh Vamp fabric with soft patent leather, not only comfort is also very expensive gas. Elegant bow decorated with vamps, giving a sweet lady Fan. If at this time with a dress, really cheap under armour beautiful do not want to.