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You just know that small white shoes, fashionable people have put on the upgrade version

Small white shoes have been vigorous fire over the whole 2016, whether it is street shoot people or neighbors sister, are a pair of small white shoes, not only very good match, and it seems the whole person is very fresh and clean, after all, small white shoes Interpretation of the full of pure and dynamic! High-quality ultra-fiber feel texture is very good, the thickness is also ordinary 2 times the super fiber, so more resistant to wear more comfortable Oh, shoe type more even more grade Oh ~ elastic design, easy to wear comfortable, comfortable non-slip soles more Wear-resistant shock Oh ~ half drag small white shoes compared to ordinary small white shoes more hip-hop and leisure, very suitable for wearing jeans with the overall mix is ??very lazy Oh, very simple, wild, comfortable Oh , And three colors optional, very wild ~ thick white shoes at the end of the biggest advantage is to enhance the overall temperament of the whole person, virtually stretched the height of the whole person Oh, big leg a second to wear out, under armour shoes and thick shoes Wear very comfortable Oh, take the road will not be tired again Loose cake thick, very comfortable, generous, nice. Simple lace, rich the upper sense of the level, to create a sense of the use of generous trend, the soles of the use of anti-skid wear flexibility is very good rubber at the end of a molding, in the course of walking is very assured, and durability is very easy Deformation Oh, delicate soft very comfortable ~

Ergonomic comfortable toe, very fit foot type, so that your toes even force, a long time surnamed Zhou tired, soft inside the texture is smooth, naturally not grinding feet, and light and comfortable, this season is not boring Feet oh ~